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Richi Entrepreneurs is a Richi Foundation initiative whose mission is to boost startups from around the world that have the potential to generate a substantial positive impact on society, by connecting them with Boston’s innovation key players and helping them take full advantage of this unique innovation ecosystem.  

Boston Immersion is a three-week eye-opening experience in Boston. Startups have the opportunity to embrace best practices from Boston's unique ecosystem, connecting and interacting with potential clients, investors, strategic partners, and local top notch industry experts who will lead them to outstanding synergies..



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* A catalyst is a person who is in charge of fostering entrepreneurship within their organization or region.





Cebiotex develops a novel fabric for the control of remaining cancer cells after surgery. Suitable for many indications, it targets both pediatric and adult oncology. Cebiotex has developed the technology to produce the fabric, as well. 

AE Innova has developed a technology focused on generating clean energy from any waste heat surface. We use thermoelectricity and a novel power converter based on system on chip. AE Innova improves the energy efficiency, reducing waste heat and CO2 emissions. 

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Made of Genes is a customer-centric personal genomics platform where individuals can get their genome sequenced to enjoy the endless possibilities of genomics, at the same time that provides a scalable and compliant framework for P4 Medicine professionals. 


H2ONow is a social innovation startup whose mission is to help increase the access to improved drinking water in developing countries and humanitarian crisis contexts through the use of new technologies, namely low cost sensors and wireless networks.

SOM Biotech is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to the successful discovery and development of innovative pharmaceutical products by utilizing a proprietary drug repurposing platform. SOM has focused its efforts on Orphan Indications and Rare Diseases.

The 2D EDGE project aims to develop and exploit the technology that synthesizes chemical vapor deposition grown graphene on a continuous way to make the material attractive to the electronic industry.

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A pioneering program to facilitate the learning of mathematics. It is designed to improve the child's capacities in the areas of logic, creativity and mental arithmetic. Through our method, students move to an imaginary world full of challenges where teamwork and wit determine their progress. 

CreatSens is a novel platform for healthcare that aims to improve the well-being of people by allowing the monitoring of relevant biochemical parameters of urine (such as creatinine, fundamental to assess the kidneys performance) at home. 

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A non-profit project which will transform the everyday act of purchase in a solidarity fundraising action. We supply a reliable attribute of solidarity to companies, helping them to brand their products to differentiate themselves into their markets.


Xenopat fights cancer by offering services based on orthoxenografts®, mice models in which a human tumor fragment is implanted in its organ of origin. 

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PIC Preserve in Community is a multiple platform that raises funds in an interactive and educational way to preserve new parks and for its research. 

Literates will help improve literacy and reading skills, measuring different levels and through a personalized methodology and an immersive learning where each person can be user or a mentor.


Educaweb is an education website designed to help people taking the best decisions with regards their education, through a series of self-evaluation tools, information about courses and institutions, and tips on how to decide.

Proton has developed the first biotech photovoltaic module capable of working in visible light with an efficiency of up to 65%.

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Tackling social isolation and loneliness for persons of all ages and backgrounds - Penpairs connects the world as virtual penpals to patients through a global social network.

Entrepreneur In Residence


The Ramon Molinas Foundation's mission is twofold; to foster research, development and innovation in technology, and to help those most in need in society

PRUAB fosters the transfer of knowledge generated by the research groups within the UAB sphere, as well as their R&D capabilities to address the innovation needs of the economic and social environment.



Richi Social Entrepreneurs’ Boston Immersion Program consists of one on one meetings, visits and group sessions; the support from local fellows with specific assignments and tasks; feedback and assistance received by mentors, speakers and advisors; as well as the opportunity to explore Boston’s advanced Innovation ecosystem.


Summer 2016 Supporters

Summer 2016 Supporters


Many thanks to those who have supported the program as mentors, speakers
and one-on-one meetings.



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The Richi Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to ensure that all children who suffer from cancer have the best prognosis and quality of life. All the proceeds from the Richi Social Entrepreneurs Immersion Program will go to support the Richi Foundation’s mission.