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Introduction 2018


Introduction 2018

Boston Immersion is a three-week eye-opening experience in Boston. Startups have the opportunity to embrace best practices from Boston's unique ecosystem, connecting and interacting with potential clients, investors, strategic partners, and local top notch industry experts who will lead them to outstanding synergies.


2018 Edition


The Boston Immersion Program is co-organized by Richi Entrepreneurs and ACTION Innovation Network.

Program dates: October 15th to November 2nd, 2018

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Startups 2018

Startups 2018

program sponsors


program partners



ABLE is a home use exoskeleton that restores the ability to walk in a natural and intuitive way after suffering a spinal cord injury. It helps palliating health issues caused by sedentary lifestyle while boosting self-confidence and independence.


Ahead Therapeutics is developing breakthrough drugs to treat and cure auto-immune diseases such as Type 1 diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis. Based on a nano-technology capable of “re-programming” patients’ immune system, Ahead aims to prevent and heal chronic and degenerative disorders affecting millions of people.


AIRPLANE SOLUTIONS is the world’s first real-time solution for controlling airplane operating costs. Airlines are much more efficient and can control their most important expenses like Fuel and Handling, which use fossil energy and electricity, estimating a consumption reduction between 3% and 6% globally.


Beonchip offers microfluidic devices for cell culture. We try to simplify the processes of researchers and pharmas by simulating different applications of human organs in a lab in a more biomimetic way. This technology is also called Organ on a Chip.

BIOGENERA is a biotech pharma that created a unique and patented platform technology for the R&D of new potent DNA-based personalized medicines for the treatment of disease with unmet need. It’s most advanced drug is entering phase 1 in pediatric tumors.

Chex (Compressed Hydro Energy Storage) has built the next generation of energy storage devices using existing and proven technology with long duty life. The system compresses air, which pushes water that, in turn, will generate power when passed through a turbine. Low cost, no chemicals.


DART by teledx.org is a cloud-based software that aims to automatedly detect the signs of retina diseases in digital images using artificial intelligence to prevent them in early stages. This allows an increase of healthcare systems' coverage to tackle the most common causes of blindness in working-age population.

FS MARINE+ provides an innovative, unique and patented engine efficiency enhancement technology for fuel and emissions reduction for the maritime industry, which achieved several worlds first and is addressing current industry challenges to make shipping more profitable and reduce environmental impact as one of the largest emissions producers worldwide.

Help Flash is an emergency flashing beacon that allows to signal a vehicle stopped on the road due to a breakdown or an accident, and automatically connects in real time with emergency services or roadside assistance through a cognitive mobile application.


Founded by 2 former Google employees iBreve helps people with stress, anxiety & chronic respiratory diseases. iBreve developed a wearable that monitors & analyzes breathing patterns with machine learning and guides through clinically proven relaxation exercises.

Naru Intelligence applies Big Data and AI to improve clinical and economical outcomes in oncology. Step is a smart system that recognizes common patterns in similar patients. It predicts the progression and risk of complications, to improve outcomes.

Respinova is developing a novel treatment device for COPD called PulseHaler(tm). The PulseHaler opens closed airways and improves drug delivery, allowing patients to breathe better, and improving their quality of life.


TECNOTURBINES designs and develops hydraulic microturbines, specially designed to generate electricity under variable hydraulic conditions, using the excess of pressure present in the water pipes. The energy generated can be used for both, to charge a battery for instrumentation and system monitoring or tied to the electrical grid.

ThyroidPredict objective is to develop a genetic test that accurately classifies aggressive thyroid tumors to guide the surgical plan of thyroid cancer.



Richi Entrepreneurs’ Boston Immersion Program consists of one on one meetings, visits and group sessions; the support from local fellows with specific assignments and tasks; feedback and assistance received by mentors, speakers and advisors; as well as the opportunity to explore Boston’s advanced Innovation ecosystem.

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Supporters 2018

Supporters 2018


Many thanks to those who are supporting the program as mentors,
speakers and one-on-one meetings.





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